Ancient Civilizations And Oral Health

History is so boring and yet fascinating in its own way. Notwithstanding how much we dislike studying history, we love to dig out a good story about ancient times which sheds light on many fascinating fats.

Today, oral health is a topic of undeniable importance. We do many things to keep our teeth clean and healthy and use many products to prevent oral health issues such as bad breath. You are very much mistaken if you think that this is a recent trend. Historical data proves that oral health issues were treated as far back as 5000 BC.

The concept of “tooth worms” which is used by us for generations to get children to brush their teeth has its roots in a Sumerian text which describes “tooth worms” as the cause of dental decay.

Historical evidence relating to dentistry can be found from other ancient civilizations around the world as well.Ancient Egyptians, as we all know, were good at many things including medicines. An ancient Egyptian medical text which is believed to have been written before 3000 BC has instructions on how to treat wounds in the mouth. The earliest dental surgeries which are believed to have taken place between 2500 BC and 3000 BC involved treating cavities and removing teeth. However, visiting the dentist would have been a lot scarier those days as there are no evidence of pain killers being used. Looking for a professional dentist you can go here for more details.

What is even more fascinating is that the ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste around 5000 BC.

Moreover, the earliest known reference to a dental practitioner is found on an Egyptian tomb.

Even in the early days looking pretty was a priority. The pioneers of this was the Etruscans. Even though the dental practices of the Etruscan civilization pale in comparison to that of the ever so mighty Egyptians, the fact that they used a different method to decorate their teeth with gold bands has impressed the historians. So, who knows, may be Etruscans were as obsessed with teeth whitening Albert Park as we are.

Some civilizations like the Greeks seem to have shunned removing teeth for one reason or the other. They, in contrast to the Egyptians, have focused more on relieving pain caused by issues such as tooth decay rather than removing the rotten teeth. A mummy which was found in the recent past holds ample proof of how much trouble the Greeks have gone through to cure cavities and relieve pain without pulling out teeth.

The Chinese also had a well-developed medical and surgical systems. They not only performed surgeries to remove rotten teeth or use medicines to cure other oral health issues, but also used advanced scientific observation methods to deduce other illnesses by looking at the changes in teeth, bad breath, etc.

So, appreciate the fact that you are born in this era when dentistry is so developed that you may not even feel anything when having a rotten tooth removed.

Its High-time You Care About Your Health And Your Well-being

How well do we keep ourselves safe? Actually the real question is do we keep our self-safe? Safe from what, Safe from everything that can end our lives and bring harm to us. People now days don’t take anything seriously, from relationships to health it’s always being a reckless ride for the whole lot. Of course there will be one day when death hits us, but why risk everyday by inviting death to our doorstep. The way things are rushing the human kind will be erased with reckless reasons that they took.

The youth commonly think they have a long way to live and they believe in living in the present rather than taking notes for the future. They do everything that they can do when they have the energy in their body but they forget that the body is not immortal after all. It will perish because of the consequences that were given to it. The young get addicted to many things now days and music is one of them. Every second of the day there is some tune being hummed in their minds and they get distracted. No education, no capable smart minds, all they want to do is listen to make music and produce them. Many want to lead a good life but get influenced by bad choices they make.

Where there is music there is a party and where there is a party there is smoking and alcohol. Many young kids tend to grasp the addiction to such things quickly enough to make their lives miserable to the worst situations. They tend to drink smoke and live life without meaning and when they realize it they might find it hard to come back to normal mode. Some even take their habits far worse than smoking to drugs. Then they do need some help to get out of the worse situations they put themselves in.

Seek help before it’s too late.

Getting addicted to something is like a disease that spread so fast that it will end up killing up and leaving you tore apart. Before it spread it is always better to take prevention and cure methods. Cure for addiction is not medicines, its treatment like hypnosis Perth that cures it well than medicines.

Other methods of cures

The crystal therapy has been proven to cure many kinds of disease and protect against any harmful ones. It can used to ease discomfort in one’s body and relieve them form the pain. The development of such therapy treatment has made ways to save more and treat more from discomfort.

Save yourself before it’s too late.

Your body will not always support your bad situation. So therefore it is best to make sure your health is in good form.